Individual Master Instruments by Robert Blaszauer

From his Budapest workshop, Robi produces the finest baroque and modern instruments and we are pleased to offer several examples here. His reputation for uncompromising workmanship, artistic modelling, fine finish and tone is second to none. His skills as maker, teacher and restorer are in increasing demand around the globe, and we now act as his agent in the UK. A prolific worker, violas da gamba, d'amore, 'cellos and violins are available from stock or to order.

Viola d'Amore

A Viola d’Amore

This beautiful and unusual instrument, with 16" violin form body...more

A Good 16" Viola A Good 16" Viola

Grand tone, excellent projection and fine finish set this viola apart from the rest...more

Mature Violins from Scotland and Elsewhere

Here we list older instruments currently available. All have been carefully examined, modernised as necessary and properly adjusted before being offered here for sale, in excellent order. They are available for trial by arrangement, with distance no object, and guaranteed.

A Scottish Violin by James Workman, Kilmarnock, 1878

Rescued and repatriated from an old school collection in Yorkshire, this fiddle is a typically individual example of handmade Scottish work of the period...more

Flatback - thumb

An Enigmatic, Cornerless Violin

With flat back plate and no corners, this interesting fiddle, of good workmanship throughout...more

Aitchison - thumb

A Scottish violin, by Frank Aitchison, Gattonside, Melrose, 1943

Of fine materials and good, honest workmanship throughomoreut, this fiddle has been worked...more

Sved - thumbnail

A Good American Violin, by Dr Alexander Sved, 1942

Dr Sved, a prominent orthodontist and Concertmaster of the New York Doctors' Orchestra for many years, made 15 violins in all...more

Walker2 - thumb

A Scottish Violin by William Walker, Mid Calder, 1918

Labelled No 7 and dated 1903, this a good example of Walker's work, in excellent condition....more

Eser - thumb

A Guarneri Model Violin by Antonius Eser, Bohemia, 1937

It carries Eser's 'Turnovii' label, endorsed 'Copia Josephi Quarnerii del Gesu', and dated 1937...more

Patocka - thumb

A Fine Old Violin - Viennese School

This interesting old fiddle carries the repair label of noted maker and restorer Benjamin Patocka, Prague, numbered 7192 and dated 1927...more


A Good German Violin by Holm Viertel, Aachen

Labelled and dated 1947, this tidy violin is in very good condition, nicely set up, with some play wear but no restoration or other repair issues...more


A Fine Violin by Eugen Gartner, Stuttgart

Pupil of Sprenger and Simoutre, maker and repairer to the King of Wurtenberg, co-founder and 2nd President of the Association of German Violin Makers....more

Hubicka - thumbnail

A Guarnerius Model Violin by Julius Hubicka, Prague, 1937

In near-pristine condition, this tidy fiddle is a fine example of the maker's best work. The one-piece back, pinned top and bottom...more

Lorange - thumb

A Good Violin by Paul Lorange, Lyon

Labelled and dated 1938, of select materials and fine, confident workmanship, this handsome violin...more

Selva - thumb

A Good Violin by Giuseppe Selva, Bologna

Labelled, signed and dated 1955 this violin is in excellent condition, with a little play wear but no repairs or restoration...more

WM Hill, c.1900

A Violin by William E Hill and Sons, New Bond Street, London, c1900

Here is what Henley has to say about this maker in his 'Universal Dictionary'...more

A Good Violin

A Good European violin, c1890

The 'antiqued' finish, further aged by time and use, is a distraction from the underlying quality of this tidy fiddle...more

Maggini - thumb

An Interesting European Violin c. 1750, labelled Maggini

This fine violin came to us in original condition with very little damage. The neck and bass bar have since been replaced and the instrument...more



Other Instruments

Concert Flute

A Concert Flute

Hand-made c 1985 by Ian Wood in Northumbria, this simple D concert flute in English pear-wood...more

An Irish Flute

An Irish Flute

A fine, 6-holed Irish flute in F...more



An original 50’s Hohner B/C Double-Ray, this is a fine example of their legendary ‘Black Dot’ melodeon...more



Previously sold instruments

A Violin by Torquil Macleod

A Violin by Torquil Macleod, Tain, 1933 - SOLD

Already established as a maker of the Highland bagpipe, Torquil took to violin as musical fashions changed. This is his 'Stradivarius' model, no.3...more

A Fine Violin by Robert Blaszauer A Fine Violin- SOLD

Classic modelling and the very best materials are here combined in a true master instrument of great capability...more
Hofmans - SOLD

A Very Fine Violin by Matthys Hofmans of Antwerp, c.1720 - SOLD

Violins of this calibre rarely come on the open market, and this characteristic example...more

A Violin by Robert Duncan, Aberdeen, 1746 A Violin by Robert Duncan, Aberdeen, 1746 - SOLD

Not much is known about Robert Duncan, except that he lived in the Upperkirkgate, near Marischal College in Aberdeen, and examples of his work are rare...more
Duncan 1742 - thumb

A Violin by Robert Duncan, Aberdeen, 1742 - SOLD

This historic instrument is the earliest known Scottish violin to survive in all its parts, and came to me in near-pristine, original condition...more

Chanot - thumb

A Violin by A E Chanot, London c1910 - SOLD

Alfred Ernest Chanot, former pupil of his father, Frederick William, set up his own shop at 29 Rathbone Place, London, in 1930...more


A Good Silver-mounted Violin Bow by Maurice Bourguignon, c1920 - SOLD

The round stick of select pernambuco, weighing 62 grams and very nicely balanced...more

Czech Violin

A Czech violin, c1920, labelled Nicolaus Amatus - SOLD

In excellent overall condition, this violin is of fair workmanship and materials...more


A Fine Violin ascribed to Leandro Bisiach, Milan 1899 - SOLD

The most esteemed Italian maker of his time, Leandro Bisiach, ably assisted by his three sons, produced many fiddles...more

Fine Old Violin - thumb

A Fine Old Violin, probably English - SOLD

This lovely old fiddle turned up at a country auction, in original condition but a poor state of repair...more

Hardie - thumb

A Fine Scottish Violin labelled Matthew Hardie, Edinburgh - SOLD

Refined workmanship, elegant model, choice materials, broad tone and great projection...more


A good violin by Italian maker Antonio Lorenzi, c1925 - SOLD

Of select materials, beautifully modelled and finely finished throughout, this fiddle sounds...more


A Violin by William Walker, labelled Broxburn, 1928 - SOLD

Born in 1859, Walker was a talented amateur maker who earned his living as a barber in the village of Mid Calder...more



Hand Made Student Violins from Transylvania

Owing to the global over-supply of 'handmade' student violin outfits, we no longer offer entry level instruments, concentrating rather on mature violins of merit and new instruments by individual makers known personally to us.

The Performer

The Performer - SOLD

Faithful Strad model, tidy work, with ebony fingerboard, attractively figured maple and warm, red-brown varnish...more

The Soloist

The Soloist - SOLD

Strad model, very careful work, with deeply figured maple, fine, straight-grained spruce and best-quality ebony fingerboard...more

  A Good Viola attributed to Filippi Filippo, Milan  
  An Interesting violin labelled Gabbrielli
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