A Fine Violin ascribed to Leandro Bisiach, Milan 1899 - SOLD


Bisiach - front   Bisiach - back

The most esteemed Italian maker of his time, Leandro Bisiach, ably assisted by his three sons, produced many fiddles, some replicas of older instruments in his collection, others of new appearance. An example of the former type, this master violin is in fine condition, with a few small cosmetic restorations and no current repair issues.

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Bisiach - scroll   Bisiach - scroll   Bisiach - scroll
Finely modelled and beautifully worked, the materials used are first quality. The varnish is exceptionally soft in texture, lustrous and deeply transparent, encouraging consideration of Bisiach’s claim to have re-discovered an old Stradivarian recipe, dated 1704. Deeply sonorous on the G and D strings, with penetrating clarity in the higher register, this violin is technically correct, a dream to play and would satisfy the needs of the most demanding player. Available by arrangement for any trial, our price is realistic and interesting part-exchange offers always welcome.
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