A Violin by A E Chanot, London c1910 - SOLD


Chanot - front view   A E Chanot

Alfred Ernest Chanot, former pupil of his father, Frederick William, set up his own shop at 29 Rathbone Place, London, in 1930. Up to the year 1923 he had produced 29 instruments, this being one of those early works. The back and ribs are of the plainest material, the belly wood of finer quality, oil varnished in a pleasing shade of orange-brown.

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Chanot - scroll   Chanot - scroll   Chanot - scroll
Nicely modelled, workmanship is good throughout, with the French influence clearly visible in the tidy edge-work and purfling...but for the varnish, you might take it for a JTL. Condition is very good overall, with some wear to the back from play and careless handling, but no repairs. A good, advanced student level violin, with clear, bright tone and great projection, it might also suit traditional Celtic music. As always, interesting part-exchange offers are welcome.
Chanot - scrolls   Chanot - side   Chanot - side Chanot - back