A Fine Old Violin, probably English - SOLD

Fine Old Violin - front   Finer Old Violin - back

This lovely old fiddle turned up at a country auction, in original condition but a poor state of repair, and has been completely rebuilt, with new neck graft, bass bar, and restorations including one corner, some bow wear and a few worm runs. Pretty much an act of faith, our work has been amply rewarded.

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Fine Old Violin - scroll   Fine Old Violin - scroll   Fine Old Violin - scroll   Fine Old Violin - scroll

It plays beautifully and tonally, there's a lot going on. Rich, velvety and sonorous in the lower register, with viola-like depth on the G and D strings, it's also strong and bright on top, with the wonderful, silvery maturity of age. There is personality here, much emotion...really special.

Fine Old Violin - detail   Fine Old Violin - detail

Workmanship and materials are of a very high standard throughout, the red-brown varnish soft and elastic. So far we have been unable to identify the maker, so if any of you out there have an idea, I'd love to hear it. All our instruments are guaranteed and available by arrangement for any trial, with distance no object and part exchange offers welcome. Thanks for looking in...we'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Fine Old Violin - side   Fine Old Violin - side