An Enigmatic, Cornerless Violin

Flatback - front   Flatback - front

With flat back plate and no corners, this interesting fiddle, of good workmanship throughout, is modelled after an early example by the great Stradivari. The elegant scroll has been grafted by means of a long scarf joint, rising from the heel - very good work, completely sound and barely visible.

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Flatback - scroll   Flatback - scroll   Flatback - scroll   Flatback - scroll

The belly is of straight, fine-grained spruce or pine, widening slightly towards the edges, with a deep scoop to the f's. The handsome, one-piece back and ribs are of well figured maple, the whole covered with a mid brown varnish on a paler ground.

Flatback - detail   Flatback - detail

All in all, an eye-catching violin, with fine projection, surprisingly sweet tone and no repair issues. Very comfortable under the chin, it also sits nicely in the fiddlers' way, with no snaggy corners to catch or chip. As with all our offerings, it is available for extended home trial, with distance no object and interesting part exchange offers (violin family, wooden flutes, concertinas, good guitars) always welcome. We're happy to answer any questions...thanks for looking in.


Flatback - side   Flatback - side
Length of back: 355mm.
Upper bout: 205mm.
Lower bout: 165mm.