A Fine Violin by Eugen Gartner, Stuttgart

Gartner - front   Gartner - back

Pupil of Sprenger and Simoutre, maker and repairer to the King of Wurtenberg, co-founder and 2nd President of the Association of German Violin Makers....Gartner's credentials are as impressive as his creations.

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Gartner - scroll   Gartner - scroll   Gartner - scroll   Gartner - scroll

Correctly labelled and branded internally, dated 1942 and in excellent condition, this violin is from the estate of a professional player. Well-played in its early years, more recently set up here in Scotland after a long rest, it's just raring to go and sounding pretty impressive.

Gartner - detail   Gartner - detail

Beautiful oil varnish, hand made ebony purfling, immaculate workmanship and modelling, pristine interior...it truly is difficult to fault this fiddle, produced two years before Gartner's death in 1944, at the age of eighty. A true connoisseur, he had amassed a fine collection of Italian violins, from which, no doubt, he took his models.

Gartner - side   Gartner - side