A Guarnerius Model Violin by Julius Hubicka, Prague, 1937

Hubicka - front   Hubicka - back

In near-pristine condition, this tidy fiddle is a fine example of the maker's best work. The one-piece back, pinned top and bottom, is of finely-figured maple, ribs and scroll nicely matched. The belly is of fine quality spruce, close grained, widening slightly below each foot of the bridge.

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Hubicka - scroll   Hubicka - scroll   Hubicka - scroll   Hubicka - scroll

The maker's own oil varnish, red-brown on a pale ground, is soft, flexible and transparent...very good-looking. All detail work is to a high standard, with smart, narrow purfling and refined edges.

Hubicka - detail   Hubicka - detail

Now 75 years old, this violin is coming into its own...tonally, slightly dark and interesting, broad, very well-balanced and versatile, sweet but with great carrying power and plenty volume when asked for. If you're a younger player, looking for a finely-made instrument, already mature, that will grow with you, this violin has much potential. As with all our offerings, home trial is encouraged, and interesting part exchanges welcome...thanks for looking in.

Hubicka - side   Hubicka - side