A Good Violin by Paul Lorange, Lyon 

L'Orange - front   L'Orange - back

Labelled and dated 1938, of select materials and fine, confident workmanship, this handsome violin is in near-pristine condition. The model is after Guarnerius.

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L'Orange - scroll   L'Orange - scroll   L'Orange - scroll   L'Orange - scroll

The oil varnish, golden amber on a paler ground, is of a tender, flexible nature, with a deep, lustrous glow, highlighting fine purfling detail and showing off the figured maple very nicely.

L'Orange - detail   L'Orange - detail

Tonally, it's broad and velvety, sweet but powerful and very well balanced... mature beyond its years. If you're a younger player, looking for a finely made violin that will grow with you, then this one may be worth your consideration. Available now for any trial...part exchange offers always welcome...thanks for looking in

L'Orange - side   L'Orange - side