An Interesting European Violin c. 1750, labelled Maggini

Maggin - front   Maggini - back

This fine violin came to us in original condition with very little damage. The neck and bass bar have since been replaced and the instrument, correctly set up and adjusted, is in truly fine voice. Worthy of the attentions of the best professional player, this fiddle is wonderfully responsive and will not disappoint. 80 Pennyland Drive, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. KW14 7PW Tel 0044 1847 896442
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Maggini - scroll   Maggini - scroll   Maggini - scroll

The two-piece back and ribs are of medium curl, the belly of regular, fine grain, with scribed double purfling. The soft, oil varnish, of a red-brown colour on a golden ground, has aged and rubbed to a fine appearance, and is nicely flexible. We rarely comment on tone, but this violin simply sounds superb...mature, interesting and very versatile with fantastic projection.

Maggini - detail   Magginii - scroll

Our expert restoration work is fully guaranteed and, as with all instruments offered here, home trials are
always possible, interesting part-exchange offers always welcome. We will be happy to answer any questions, normally responding to queries within 24 hours.

Magginii - side   Magginii - side