A Good American Violin, by Dr Alexander Sved, 1942

Sved - front   Sved - back

Dr Sved, a prominent orthodontist and Concertmaster of the New York Doctors' Orchestra for many years, made 15 violins in all. This beautiful example carries his manuscript label...'Scientifically Designed & Made by Dr Alexander Sved, #3, May 1942, Merrick N.Y.'

Of fine materials and careful workmanship throughout, it is capable, in the right hands, of very fine, broad tone, easily produced and nicely balanced, with plenty power when needed and strong projection.

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Sved - scroll   Sved - scroll   Sved - scroll   Sved - scroll

The ruby-coloured, oil varnish, he made himself, from a traditional Italian fossil-amber recipe. Soft, transparent and very good looking, varnish of this quality is seldom seen in a 20th. c. violin.

Sved - detail   Sved - detail

Worthy of the most critical player, this fiddle is available, by arrangement, for any trial, regardless of your location...interesting part exchange offers always welcome.


Sved - side   Sved - detail
Length of back : 36cm
Upper bout : 17cm
Lower bout : 21cm
String length to bridge : 32.7cm