Viola d'Amore
Viola d'Amore - front   Viola d'Amore - side
This beautiful and unusual instrument, with 16" violin form body and corresponding string length, is a departure from the usual baroque style. Finely modelled from the best materials and tastefully finished, it speaks easily and clearly, with good tonal balance right across the range. 80 Pennyland Drive, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. KW14 7PW Tel 0044 1847 896442
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Viola d'Amore - side   Viola d'Amore - side
Completed in 2006, labelled, signed and numbered #78, it is here in Scotland and available for any trial by arrangement. If you would like to see more baroque instruments, you can visit Robi's website at We act as his agent in the UK, so please contact us for further information on availablity and pricing if you see anything you fancy.
Viola d'Amore - scroll   Viola d'Amore - scroll