A Good German Violin by Holm Viertel, Aachen

Viertel - front   Viertel - back

Labelled and dated 1947, this tidy violin is in very good condition, nicely set up, with some play wear but no restoration or other repair issues. The two-piece back (35.7 cm.) ribs and scroll are of matching, well-figured maple, the belly of top quality, close-grained spruce.

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Viertel - scroll   Viertel - scroll   Viertel - scroll   Viertel - scroll

Former apprentice to Richard Weichold, Viertel later joined August Riechers of Berlin, and is consdered by some to have been his most talented pupil. He continued to use Reicher's varnish formula, here of a golden brown colour on a pale ground, working mainly on the models of Stradivari. He is reputed to have fitted his bass bars after varnishing, claiming improved tone thereby.

Viertel - detail   Viertel - detail

With broad, balanced and powerful tone, easily produced yet capable of great sensitivity, this violin would certainly not disappoint any player, of classical or traditional music. Home trial can be arranged without difficulty, regardless of location, and interesting part exchange offers are always welcome. Thanks for looking in.

Viertel - side   Viertel - side